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Is your website responsive?

Is your website responsive?

By Andrew Randall


Are you responsive?


When considering your company’s website, you need to step away from the desktop frame of mind. Becoming mobile-friendly, or responsive, is the not the future – it’s the now. In a world where 60% of online searches take place on a mobile device, it’s time to be responsive to the demands of our users.


What Does it Mean to be Mobile Responsive?


A responsive web design helps your content remain the same on any device you use. Basically, it is constructed so that it re-configures your content to fit on smaller screens in a way that doesn’t impact readability. This gives users the full experience and prevents them from missing valuable pages or information when using devices other than a computer.

Why Do Small Businesses Need to be Mobile Responsive?


The obvious answer is increased sales. When potential clients have positive user experiences, they will stick around your site longer. This only increases the possibility of conversion rates and lead generation. If your site looks messy, unorganized, or is inconvenient to navigate, people will quickly move on to more user-friendly resources. Responsive design prevents your customers from having to zoom in or shrink the text, so you can keep them hooked longer and wow them with your content.


While increasing the possibility of sales is enough to convince most business owners to go responsive, another benefit is that it is easier to manage. First of all, you don’t have multiple sites to maintain. Second, when focusing on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you don’t have to run separate campaigns. You can pour your time into this one site and focus on increasing its visibility. Instead of running yourself or your team thin trying to juggle multiple entities, concentrate on making it the best-of-the-best. Plus, having one overall site helps with tracking, analytics, and reporting.


One final reason why small businesses need a responsive site is because your competition is most likely already catering to the tech-savvy generation of Internet users. You can stay ahead of the game by putting yourself in a position to attract this crowd. Anytime you can get ahead of your competition, you will reap the benefits.


A responsive website is essential in today’s mobile-centric digital age. The use of devices is only going to increase, and customers expect the convenience of searching, interacting, and shopping online with them. By making the decision to go responsive, you are setting yourself up for excellent user experience and, ultimately, success.


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